Main Deity -Kasi Viswanathar

Goddess – Usha and Chayadevi

Holly Theertham – Surya Pushkarni

Sthala Vriksham – Vellerukku


Suryanar Koil, is built by King Kulothunga Chola I in the year 1100 AD.This is a temple dedicated for the nine planets – Navagrahas. The devotee can worship all the planets as presiding deities.The SUN is the prime deity. Usha devi and Sri Purusha devi(Chaya devi) are the consorts.Sun god holds two lotus flowers in his hands It is king of kings in the Navagraha planets. It is at a distance of 93,00,000 miles from earth. He is the owner of Simha Zodiac. He Circumvent the earth in a year. He is in Ticha(High) power in Mesha Rasi. Lord SUN represents father. He gives emergy, will power, faithfulness, obedience, strength, might, attracting others. SUN is the son of Kachyapa Muniver. The temple sannadhi is facing west. The temple is under the administration of Thiruvaduthurai Adhinam. The vechicle of the lord is horse. This horse is named Sabtha Sabtham. It indicates the seven horses of the sun’x Chariot.

Story of the temple :

    Sage Kalava Muni was suffering from severe leprosy.  He worshipped all the planets begging total cure.  All the planets graced the Rishi with what he wanted – the cure from leprosy.  Lord Brahmma strongly objected to the response of the planets to Rishis penance on the ground that in accordance with the orders of Lord Shiva, the planets were to give the effects of good and evil deeds of the individuals and that that the planets had violated this rule by directly giving boons to a devotee and cursed them to suffer from leprosy themselves. The planets came down to a white wild flower jungle (Vellerukku vanam) and performed penance on Lord Shiva for relief. Stay there offer worship from the first Sunday of Tamil month Karthigai for 12 weeks in total of 78 days on Mondays, they have to take bath before sunrise in Cauvery and offer prayers to Prarivaradhan and MangalaNayaki with in 2 1/2hours after sunrise, they have to have curdrice in ‘Arka leaf’ amd eat the same. On the other days they have to be in fast to release themselves from the punishment. Lord appeared before them and said that the place belonged to them and allowed them to grace the devotees worshipping them enduring a variety of hardships.


    10 day Ratha Sapthami in Thai month (January-February) is a very important festival in the temple.Also Saturn (Sani) and Jupiter (Guru) transition days are celebrated with special pujas.

Travel Information:

The temple is located in a small village called as SuryanarKoil and is about 2Km. north of Aduthurai town. Suriyanar Kovil is located at Thirumangalakkudi(near Aduthurai, Kumbakonam). The nearest railway station is Aduthurai which is in between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai railway line.

 Distance between Aduthurai to Suriyanarkoil – 2-3 km.

Distance between Kumbakonam to Suriyanarkoil – 15 km.

Distance between Mayiladuthurai to Suriyanarkoil – 21 km.

Suryanar Koil is 21kms from Swamimalai.