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Office stationery requirements will be steady growth

Decades of development of reform and opening-up, let stationery industry have sprung up, grow and become an emerging industry, has a strong vitality, China stationery exports is the worlds largest, with the development of recent years, domestic stationery consumption is also rising, many foreign trade type stationery manufacturers have also develop its domestic stationery market.

The development of economy and the improvement of peoples income level means that the consumers of all walks of life business need is not only a simple product supply, consumers in the consumer will buy more consider the quality of service enterprises. Relevant industry brands and manufacturers of corporate image, service quality and the close ties between consumers and or not, will influence consumers purchase decision thus affect the operating performance of the relevant enterprises. The development of macro economy and industrial economy, also means that the industry, and between the industry and internal social life interpersonal relationship between the increase of frequency and more closely. So this means that all walks of life in the aspects of business, public service, such spending will have a continued growth. Thus, stationery industry needs a period of time in the future there will be a relatively stable growth.

While domestic demand for office stationery is still in steady growth, overseas stationery demand has weakened somewhat, this is also due to economic changes resulting from the financial crisis. Compared with western European countries, stationery demand in emerging markets are still significantly behind, such as Russias extensive demand about 1000 to 3000 of different species of stationery, and international sales of stationery in the west an average of 5000 to 7000. In spite of this, cultural goods in emerging markets have very large consumption potential. Russia stationery market first began to develop rapidly in the 90 s, when the Russian market into a large number of imported stationery. Market experts estimate that the stationery market scale between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion, the average annual growth rate of around 20% to 40%.

Stationery demand has grown steadily indicates the competition in the stationery will continue, but competition is no longer limited to the price of the product and quality. Stationery manufacturers should improve the competitiveness of the brand to attract more consumers pay more attention to.

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