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Pathways are looking forward to integrate the domestic office stationery industry

Currently in the domestic office stationery industry access, hardly a powerful enterprise, also does not have to do lateral contact between enterprises. Office stationery dealers and agents in the "shopkeeper" to "the hong merchants", industry marketization degree is low. And Shanghai "office partner OfficeMate" is just based on distributors and agents the marketing level, the combination mode to the interests of the "loose combination", not the retail terminal of transverse joint! Once the foreign brands enter, it is hard to think As to what a domestic circulation enterprises can withstand the challenge of foreign brands and impact.

Office stationery retail chain planning approach based on the traditional supermarket and specialty retail chain business model, combined with the present situation and domestic large consumption of stationery market demands, will be in the shortest possible time to the first opportunities to grab market commanding heights, thus become the runway.

Throughout the domestic industries, in addition to agriculture, any industry can have high growth and high profitable in the field of office stationery, high development? ! This is a piece of virgin land is yet to be developed!!!!!!!!!!!

Professional development and rob retail terminal resources will become the most important enterprise in the near future means of marketing strategy and market goals. But this way of retail chain marketing has entered the mature stage in foreign countries, from OFFICE1, 7-11, OK convenience stores such as enterprises marketing characteristics can be seen!

Force, is likely to win! As a professional office stationery retail chain sales model establishment and gradual development, will lead the development of the industry into a new phase of growth.

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