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Barriers to the development of the stationery industry

At present our country most stationery manufacturers are engaged in simple OEM OEM, simple processing and OEM production threshold is not too high. But to strive for sustainable profitability brand stationery manufacturing and sales enterprise, trade barriers and high usually includes the following several aspects:

A, large-scale production and quality assurance
Due to the low threshold of stationery industry production, thus there are a lot of 3 without manufacturer to participate in it. Stationery industry large-scale production based on the long-term accumulation of manufacturing technology and process, at the same time, there are many different kinds of stationery industry products, according to the market demand need to continue to adjust the production of products, require companies to have a mature, stable, flexible production capacity, can effectively guarantee the stability of product quality in mass production and reduce the scrap rate. Large-scale production and quality assurance needs a lot of practice experience accumulation and technical research and development ability, time cost is very high, the new enterprise is difficult to achieve in a short time.

Second, the marketing network construction and management
Marketing network construction is the domestic stationery enterprises seize market, an important means of competitive advantage. At present, Chinas stationery industry (especially students stationery retail terminal channel concentration is low, basically give priority to with individual vendors and small micro sales company. So in the Chinese market to build and perfect the cover a wide range, logistics information management system of high efficiency and the wholesale, retail network system to the required capital investment, high difficulty, maintaining and managing personnel quality requirements strictly. At the same time, after years of market competition, marketing network for stationery peripheral, population is concentrated in schools, communities, the main and prosperous business circle can expand marketing network is more and more difficult to scale. New enterprise is very difficult to establish a mature marketing network in a short time.

Third, brand awareness
Brand awareness is brand stationery company maintain long-term development of one of the core competitiveness. Focus on brand stationery enterprise more able to gradually establish a stable, high loyalty customers, stationery industry competition way is from single price competition to the technology, management, quality, culture and so on multi-dimensional brand competition. Enterprises and their products if there is no brand awareness, it is difficult to keep ones feet in the future competition, but to build a brand is not happen overnight. According to consumer goods like stationery brands at home and abroad to establish experience, the establishment of a brand is a long-term process of accumulation and precipitation, need long-term consumption based on the consumer experience, years of brand management of enterprises, less is more than ten years, many decades, hundreds of years. Has the influence and popularity of the brand image for new entrants, is a high barriers to entry.

Four, continuous innovation in product design, technology research and development ability
Continued product design innovation to further enhance the image of product in the consumers mind, further enhance brand awareness, this requires a stationery enterprises with close close to domestic consumers consciousness and strong ability to capture the market hot spots. In addition, stationery companies to stay ahead of the market, must be in new products, new technology, new technology, new materials, etc, to establish continuous technology research and development advantages, this need enterprise in production technologies, processes and materials, etc have long fat reserves and professional talent team to support the continuous innovation of the products.

Five, fast supply chain management capabilities
Stationery market need to manufacturers in every year a large number of new products at the same time, to be able to effectively manage new product design, raw materials procurement, production, shop goods, such as supply chain system, rapid response and accurately based on the demand of the market, predict trend, measuring the output of new products, goofy control of raw materials and finished goods inventory. Therefore, stationery market leading companies need to have fast supply chain management capabilities.

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