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The domestic office stationery market development characteristics

1¡¯ large market potential¡¯ increased purchasing power.

Existing relationship about 180 million people in our country¡¯ college students about 3 million people¡¯ about 50 million adult students¡¯ enterprises and institutions lead of about 34 million people. The development of the society request to further strengthen national culture education quality¡¯ education investment has increased¡¯ office stationery industry has a very broad consumer market.

2¡¯ office stationery style supplies diversified¡¯ multi-level consumption structure has been formed¡¯ and to the high-end product development.

3¡¯ the development of computer network technology¡¯ the traditional office and new changes have taken place in learning way.

4¡¯ in terms of circulation of commodities¡¯ foreign companies have entered the wholesale and retail¡¯ and in terms of electronic commerce also has the strong momentum of development.

5¡¯ government procurement has been expanded from commissioning to common behavior¡¯ higher value of office supplies such as copiers¡¯ fax machines will soon be incorporated into the scope of government procurement.

As a stationery store¡¯ the specialized market is yet to mature¡¯ gradually reduce the wholesale market influence. This will note the proprietor to high level and business management level and the connotation of extension¡¯ brand oriented the upscale product will become the mainstream of consumption. Therefore¡¯ office stationery industry spatial development prospect is very broad¡¯ huge potential!

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